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Punjabi Samosa's


Quick Easy Method 

- 2 Frozen 12 oz bag of Mixed Vegetables

- 4 Medium Size Potatoes 

- 16oz Jar Authentic Curry Sauce 

- Any Medium pack or Tortilla, pack of 10

-Cup of Plain Flour 

Cooking Time 

-Peel and boil Potatoes in a Separate Medium Size Pot

- Another separate pot, combine Curry Girl Sauce with frozen Veggies, cook for 20 minutes. 

-Once potatoes have softened, mash with a potato masher, add the cooked Mixed Vegetable pot to the the potatoes and mix thoroughly. 

- Next add a little water to your one cup of flour creating  glue type mix, this cannot be watery.

- Next take your pack of Tortilla's removing the wrapping, place on a plate and put in the microwave for 1 minute


-Cut the Tortillas in Half 


- Brush the straightedge side with a little plain flower glue you made, fold it in half, and align the two straight sides so they overlap to form a cone shape. Squeeze the edges together to make a tight seal. Place approximately 2 generous tablespoon of filling inside each cone, leaving the top edge clean. Moisten the inside top rim of the cone with the Plain flower glue you made  and press the edges together to make another tight seal. Place the samosas on a tray until ready to fry or Air Fry. Repeat with the remaining dough and filling.

-Last Step Air fry or deep Fry till gold brown, make sure to flip sides once one side is gold brown

-Add a mint sauce on the side for dipping sauce 



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